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Flourishes Gallery and Studios-Where art thrives and grows- is focused on promoting  the arts in the Shelbyville, Illinois area.

Other than the scheduled activities you will find within this website, we are open when the brightly colored bow is out above the planter and by appointment. Look for the big bow next to the door on the south side of E. Main Street across from the Roxy Theater. Because there may be cause to sometimes cancel any activities, please call (217-827-5690)  before planning on coming.
Art Talk Tuesday Schedule
3:00-3:30  Open Forum
3:30-4:30  Discussion/Practice
Materials supplied unless noted

August 21- Origami construction and decoration
August 30- Quilling
September 6- Marker Rendering a cube- bring a set of cool gray alcohol markers
September 20- Marker Rendering geometric shapes- bring a set of cool gray alcohol markers
September 27- Marker Rendering a given still life- bring a set of colored alcohol markers

Tom David, artist from Mattoon, fills the Gallery space with oil paintings of figures, landscapes, and farm related articles.  Some are prints and silverpoint drawings.  A range of art is represented here, the work of his retirement years that he devotes to full-time.


Dan Modzelewski,
Shelbyville artist. shows his most recent drawings, filling the space with women in various positions of thought.  This is a detail of one such creations.


Besides the works of Carol Kessler, both 2- and 3-dimensional, and the permanent exhibit of the Illinois Student Art Association, Rembrandt Society, the south end is designated for junior work. Christan Riddle, photographer who lives in Oregon but is the granddaughter of an area resident Louise Shippy Rouse, has recently graduated from her local high school.  Twenty-eight matted and framed pieces comprise her show.

A new addition to this large room is the recent creations of Art Talk Tuesday.  Stamp art collages and decorated gourds are presently showing and will change as new pieces are finished.

Other Venues

The one-act comedy play, "Just Desserts," was performed on stage Saturday, April 16 at 6 p.m. and Sunday, April 17 at 2 p.m. in the Beaux Arts Ballroom stage.  Local performers gave participants the theater production and dessert. Out of that interest, June 14 at 7:30 will see an organizational meeting to see what interest in theater areas can be pursued for a community group named"Christian Comedy Players."

For those interested in sharing knowledge with other writers of the creative written word, Third Thursday Wordsmiths meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. under the direction of Penny Weaver, editor of the Mattoon Journal-Gazette. All are welcome.

Whenever visiting Flourishes, beside viewing the exhibit in the gallery, you can also take in the art located in the Theme Hall, the Beaux Art Ballroom and the four studios.
Carol Kessler, Dan Modzelewski, and Jamie Rutherford have their art studios open for viewing at this Shelbyville site. In the one studio yet available for rent, you will find works by other area artists that changes on the same schedule as the Gallery. See present Gallery, Studio and Ballroom works within this website under Art by Carol Kessler and others. Owner, Carol Kessler, is alway interested in displaying area art. If you are an area artist who is interested, please contact Flourishes.

One wall at the south end of the ballroom is dedicated to the ISAA, Rembrandt Society.  It shows work purchased at previous Rembrandt Society conventions.  The Rembrandt Society is a state organization for junior and senior high art clubs.  Find their website to learn details about the group, view photos, and much more. 

Local students all exhibit through their art teachers and the shows have been changing with each gallery change.

Carol has scheduled the Gallery space for Jessica Disbrow starting in November.  Studio D is available for a smaller show.  Others can be scheduled at any time for a two and a half month period. Please contact her if interested by calling 217-827-5690 or by email at dckess@consolidated.net.

We are located in the heart of downtown Shelbyville in an historic building at 140 1/2 East Main. Please contact us to visit or catch us when we are open by seeing the OPEN sign on the door and the big bow  and planter on the left side of the door.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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