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Flourishes Gallery and Studios-Where art thrives and grows- is focused on promoting  the arts in the Shelbyville, Illinois area.

Other than the scheduled activities you will find within this website, we are open when the black and white bow is out above the planter and by appointment. Look for the big bow next to the door on the south side of E. Main Street across from the Roxy Theater. There will be sidewalk blockage, equipment and scaffolding starting February 6 through May or so due to the excitement of an elevator being installed for the convenience of visitors. Because there may be cause to sometimes cancel any activities, please call (217-827-5690)  before planning on coming.
Art Talk Tuesday Schedule
3:00-3:30  Open Forum
3:30-4:30  Discussion/Practice
Materials supplied unless noted

March 13- Sharing and Critique- bring one or more of your own art.
March 20- Ginny Doll Collection and activity.
March 27- Do Your Own Thing- bring your art supplies of your choice to create together.
April 3- Coil Basketry- bring your own yarn or use what will be available.
April 10- Create a postcard inspired by those in Carol Thompson's show- bring a postcard, fabrics, papers, markers, glue, etc. A sewing machine will be available.
April 17-  Paint abstractly in acrylic a personally taken photo of your choice as inspired by Kim Hanley's "16 on 16" Show.  Bring acrylic supplies and painting surface.
April 24- Painting in the Cubist Style- bring your choice of color supplies or use what is available.
May 1- Creating an interlocking pattern-- bring choice of colored pencils, small tip markers, gel pens, crayons, etc., or use what is available.  Reservations due for the Artist's Tea.
May 8- Artist's Tea- starting at 2 pm- bring 1 or 2 art pieces to share.  Hats, gloves and fancy dress is encouraged.
May 15- Starry Cats- create a cat to fit into Van Gogh's Starry Night. Bring color medium of choice or use what is available.


KIM HANLEY from Mattoon has created a series of sixteen abstract acrylic paintings from locations along Route 16 that she has often traveled.  She also includes 4 other of her creations to show you her work outside the series.  This painting was inspired by Shelbyville's Courthouse and Lake Shelbyville dam, included together.

CAROL THOMPSON's friends from her town in Pana have retained many of her art pieces after her death and bring them to you in display.  They include two quilts, many created postcards made mostly from paper and fibers that she made or were traded from around the world through the postal service. A video of her and her work will also run.

Recently created mostly black and white charcoal creations by Carol Kessler fill the space.  Many deal with rubbings of items found right in the downtown Shelbyville area.


Besides the works of Carol Kessler, both 2- and 3-dimensional, and the permanent exhibit of the Illinois Student Art Association, Rembrandt Society, the south end is designated for junior work. 

A new addition to this large room is the recent creations of Art Talk Tuesday.  This display will change as new pieces are finished.

This area also houses the photo screens of Leonard da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa and  van Gogh's Sunflowers in which people may be photographed with their faces in the spaces provided in order to become someone or something else.

A big draw to viewers in this room are the creations by Shelbyville students in Mrs. Cole's art classes.  It is fairly easy to figure out the art elements she has introduced to her students.  Color and texture are dominate areas, but you will also view hands, snowmen, eagles, and more.

Other Venues

For those interested in sharing knowledge with other writers of the creative written word, Third Thursday Wordsmiths meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. All are welcome. We will share writing experiences and share in creative writing activity.

Whenever visiting Flourishes, beside viewing the exhibit in the gallery, you can also take in the art located in the Main Hall, the Beaux Art Ballroom and the Library.
Dan Modzelewski and Jamie Rutherford will again have their art  for viewing at this Shelbyville site, but their studios have been illuminated due to the elevator construction and new lobby space. In the one studio yet available for rent, you will find works by other area artists that changes on the same schedule as the Gallery. See present Gallery, Studio and Ballroom works within this website under Art by Carol Kessler and others. Owner, Carol Kessler, is always interested in displaying area art. If you are an area artist who is interested, please contact Flourishes.

One wall at the south end of the ballroom is dedicated to the ISAA, Rembrandt Society.  It shows work purchased at previous Rembrandt Society conventions.  The Rembrandt Society is a state organization for junior and senior high art clubs.  Find their website to learn details about the group, view photos, and much more. 

Local students all exhibit through their art teachers and the shows have been changing with each gallery change. During the school year from about November to April, art teacher Bridgette Cole for the Shelbyville Public Schools grades K-5 fill the rest of the junior area with projects created in her class and show the emphasis of her teaching the students basic art skills.

The next  showing in the gallery space is being considered with this update.  The Library is available for a smaller show and the Gallery for up to 26 pieces of size. None has been scheduled as yet.  Others can be scheduled at any time for an approximately two and a half month period. Please contact Carol  if interested by calling 217-827-5690 or by email at dckess@consolidated.net.

We are located in the heart of downtown Shelbyville in an historic building at 140 1/2 East Main. Please contact us to visit or catch us when we are open by seeing the OPEN sign on the door and the big bow  and planter on the left side of the door.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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