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About Us
Flourishes opening in late April 2012 after Carol and Dave Kessler purchased the building in late December 2011 with the purpose of Carol having a not for profit art gallery and studios. Renovation of the space immediately began in the 4,000 square feet space that once housed the Loyal Order of the Moose in Shelbyville from 1947 to 1958.  It had once held the Sparks Business College for six years before they moved into their new building in 1908.  With the offices, bar, ballroom with stage, member only rooms, and restrooms already in place, it seemed like the prime spot for the art gallery and studios and a place in which music, dance , creative writing and drama could take place.  At present, all rooms are renovated and in use.  It is an amazing space and one in which many local residents are just beginning to know exists. With student work in the Ballroom, the openings are flooded with parents, children, and grandparents and friends.  It is a wonderful, exciting time. 
Art Talk Tuesday is held most every Tuesday from 3-4:30.  It is an open forum in which art interested people gather, share, and learn with and from each other.  It can be a time of critiquing art in progress, sharing information on art methods and materials, telling about art they have viewed, etc.  No reservations are needed.  Just come on up and join us.  Discussion/practice from 3:30-4:30 have been various and attendees may try their hand. Check under the HOME tab for current offerings.
Art Project Thursday is offered as a time for artists to work on their own projects in a setting with other artists to share in the process.  Critiques are given upon request by and for those in attendance to help with positive and constructive comments to help the artist.  Come and bring your supplies and a lunch.  A refrigerator and microwave are available. Please notify Carol with as much notice as possible if you plan to participate.

Third Thursday Wordsmiths is held every third Thursday of the month, at 7pm. Meet and share what you are thinking of writing or have written. 20 minutes is taken to write during this meeting time with a theme and given cues. It is a time to be inspired by those in attendance and learn from each other.
The Theme Hall contains theme art by Carol Kessler.  The theme varies from newly created work to that from the past in various media and subject matter.
The Library  is available to be rented and can be divided into two separate studios.  In the meantime, art work by various local artists will be on exhibit. 

 There is a collection of Artist's Magazine and Pastel Journal and others. They can be borrowed. 
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