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Flourishes Gallery and Studios-Where art thrives and grows- is focused on promoting  the arts in the Shelbyville, Illinois area.

Other than the scheduled activities you will find within this website, we are open when the black and white bow is out and by appointment. Look for the big black and white bow on the OPEN sign next to the door on the south side of E. Main Street across from the Roxy Theater. The elevator can bring you upstairs, or the 25 steps to the right, west.  Normal open hours are usually on Tuesdays 10-5 and Thursdays and Saturdays 10-noon as well as whenever the open sign is out.  Also open by appointment.  Because there may be cause to sometimes cancel any activities, please call (217-827-5690)  before planning on coming.

Now Showing until May 18

Alma Petry, from Mt. Vernon, shows her "Fibers: A New Look"  containing mostly wall pieces in which she has reused fabric.  She layers light weight fabric, sews lines in areas that are sometimes parallel to each other, and then cuts into the made channels to expose underneath layers.  She manipulates and tacks to create very interesting  3-d wall pieces of great interest.

She also has a number of pieces that are layers fibers within glass table-top art. 

Sorry, you have to turn your head to see this picture, but it is part of the show in the Library.  it is Three-Dimensional Art from Flourishes Permanent Collection.  Most pieces have been purchased from area artists.  Media are in wood, ceramic and glass.

The Theme Hall contains Large Skyscapes in oil by Carol Kessler. 
The Upper Lobby has work by Jamie Rutherford, Dan Modzelewski and Carol Kessler
The Beaux Arts Ballroom has many creations from Kindergarten through Middle School in Shelbyville.  There is a display also of work created recently at Art Talk Tuesday.

Art Talk Tuesday Schedule
3:00-3:30  Open Forum
3:30-4:30  Discussion/Practice
Materials supplied unless noted

March 12- Trading cards.  Prep work can be done by gluing paper to a playing card from a standard deck of cards.  Bring other materials you may want to use or use what will be available.

March 19 and 26- Organic  weaving on a stick.  Bring interesting threads.

April 9- Creating from a still-life setup.  Bring supplies in your preferred medium.

April 9 and 16- Layered fabric.  Bring light weight fabric, gauzes, etc.

April 23-  Basic portrait drawing from the 3/4 view.

April 26- Draw a partner from the 3/4 view.

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